Android Lollipop is More Stable Than iOS 8


There’s perpetually one thing to love with every new iteration of an OS, be it humanoid or iOS. However, bugs and crashes usually spoil the fun and build one wish to tear their hair out. Minor and major hiccups in every revised variant of humanoid have inspired a embarrassment of complaints.

Of course, iOS fans haven’t incomprehensible the bandwagon, desperate to mention however stable the iOS fares as compared to humanoid. curiously, a report by Criticism suggests that humanoid five.0 Lollipop is additional stable than iOS eight.

A mobile application performance management specialist has re-portable 0.2 % lower crash rate on devices running android compared to those running iOS eight. This reflects within the incontrovertible fact that android 5.0 Lollipop registered a crash rate of 2% whereas iOS 8 recorded 2.2 percent.